Why Custom Wood Blinds are Perfect for Homes

Why Custom Wood Blinds are Perfect for Homes in Cambridge, Maryland (MD) like Parkland for Bedrooms

Choosing your next window treatments when you are doing an interior design project can be tricky sometimes. There are multiple directions you can go in and the choice you make can have a big effect on how the room feels overall. Blinds are a great option because offer a clean appearance to your windows, flexible light control and shade, and are incredibly easy to operate. In particular, wood blinds create a distinctly warm and sophisticated look to any room in your home. Wood blinds also manage to offer a distinctly modern touch to a classic material. Hunter Douglas offers different selections of wood blinds that each have their unique benefits. Stop by Hubbard’s Custom Blinds & Framing Gallery today to see why wood blinds are perfect for homes in Cambridge, MD.

Parkland® Wood Blinds

These natural wood blinds are made with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, allowing your blinds to communicate elegance while demonstrating beautiful design. You can choose from three slat sizes for your wood blinds to give your home your ideal balance of shade and visibility outside. The natural wood on Parkland® Wood Blinds is applied with a high-quality finish in order to maximize the durability of the wood slats, helping you to get the most life out of your gorgeous wood blinds.

Adding these brilliant wood blinds to your windows gives your home a comforting atmosphere by displaying the rich tones of the material along with the texture and grain of the natural hardwood. These wood blinds are available in a variety of stain colors that show off the wood grain in exceptional tones. You can also match any color scheme in your home by selecting your choice of paint color, all while still maintaining the unmistakable texture of natural wood.

EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds

The appearance of EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds creates a convincing wood look while also adding the durability of modern materials. Hunter Douglas uses their proprietary TruGrain® finish in a variety of available tones to create a look that mimics hardwood. These brilliant faux wood blinds are guaranteed to never break or warp due to heat or moisture, making these blinds practical for multiple parts of your home for a long time.

EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds also provide an economical alternative to natural wood blinds. Like Parkland® Wood Blinds, three slat sizes are available to allow you to choose the right depth for your windows. In addition, you can choose from different paint colors to make these blinds fit any room seamlessly. The sleek surface and durable material make these blinds great for kitchens where steam will be abundant and cleanups will need to happen often.

Both collections of wood blinds from Hunter Douglas are available with cordless options as LiteRise® and SimpleLift™, which allow you to push up on the blinds to open and pull down to lower in a simple motion. These blinds are also both available without cord holes, making them better for light control and privacy.

At Hubbard’s Custom Blinds & Framing Gallery Inc., we are dedicated to helping you realize your home’s full potential, which is why we offer wood blinds from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Cambridge, MD and serve Dorchester County including Cambridge, Talbot County including Easton, and Salisbury including Riverside. Visit us today to find the missing piece for your home decoration.